Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A night with........

........The Harlem Globetrotters, in pictures.

The GlobeTrotters making their entrance in the traditional manner!
Globie, the Mascot. Great fun with the audience.
Yes, that really is 'Ant' stood on the oppositions
hoop!! Kicked the ball away too!

My boy with his new tradesmark Basket Ball.
Unfortunately no one was allowed on the
court, but we got close!
Big G, another mascot that entertained us
during half time with his dance moves!
Absolutely brilliant.
Hi-Lite (The Captain) messing around in the

The GlobeTrotters stayed behind after the show so that as many people as possible could have autographs on whatever they had bought. They were also more than willing to take time for photos! Really great, especially as there were a lot of children at the show.

This is 'hacksaw' I think I caught him
slightly of guard! lol
Even the team trainer was there signing!

This one made me giggle! He was more than willing
to have his pic taken, but a little boy pushed his
ball up, to be signed....just as I took the pic!
Its funny, as his mother was stood behind me
shouting for him to put the ball down!

And finally my final shot of the night, and my favourite.
My very happy biggest boy with his Harlem Globetrotters Team shirt.
I have to say this was an amazing family night out! His ticket was bought for his birthday, by his Grandfather. Who, unfortunately, had a knee op.........The day before! He was gutted he couldn't take him, I wasn't! Ha

I've been a fan since childhood and K his a huge basket ball fan. Fingers crossed we may go again next year if they come around again!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A week in pictures!

 World Book Day
little A/Bilbo baggins


trying to get a little reading done on the day!

The Birdseye Teatime Takeover

Cauliflower in batter with chinese dips......delish!!

......what he made!!
what he had.....

Mothers day!
mushrooms in batter, homemade, yumyum
RJ's mothers day cakes, seriously good!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


My son had a basket ball hoop for Christmas, I had a new camera. The result is one of the best*  action shots I have ever taken!!
Also, if we ever get dry weather, it will make us a far more active family…….such fun


Saturday, 29 December 2012

SatCap day

I haven't done one of these for a while, but if you've seen Ojo's world the last couple of days, you would know I had a new camera for Christmas! Yay!
So having a little play, I did this.............
Creepy or what?! haha
So its over to you........What do you say?
I think it screams.........."I'll be back" (Arnie style)